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Package Information

When you use our event venue to host your special event, we require a $750.00 deposit and a signed agreement when you reserve the date. After 120 days, Mount Troy Ballroom requires that you pay an additional $750.00 deposit. We credit all deposits and prepayments to your final bill.

The pricing for our wedding reception packages is good for 90 days from the receipt of the packet. Once you sign the agreement, the reception package per person price, deposits, prepayments, and gratuity, are all locked into place. There aren’t any escalation clauses in the agreement.

The Responsibility of the Renter

Our venue does not provide entertainment, DJs, bands, florists, photographers, videographers, trolleys, limos, alcohol, beer, champagne, or wine, though we can make suggestions for your event. When you rent our venue for your event, it is your responsibility as the renter to purchase the beers on tap from our distributor. For your convenience, we will consider special requests. While the beer can be delivered to the ballroom, you have to make a separate check to the beer distributor for the amount of beer that’s delivered to the reception space.

Important Information

All receptions, menu items, and services are subject to the Pennsylvania 7% sales tax. There is only a 17% gratuity fee charged to all events. Also, keep in mind that tip jars aren’t allowed to be visible or used during your event.
  • Our Space is Large Enough to Accommodate 300 People with Round Tables or 400 People with Banquet-Style Tables
  • Bar, Music, and/or Entertainment Stops & Closes 30 Minutes prior to the Ending Time
  • You Need to Have & Pay for a Minimum of 100 Adults

Additional Services

  • Additional Rental Time
  • Floor-Length or Round Table Covers
  • Assorted Cookies
  • Butler Hot Hors d’Oeuvres
  • Carving of Entrée
  • Security
Make your special day even more spectacular. Contact our event venue today to request more information regarding our additional services.